Relationship of Sol y Sombra’s Programs to the NY State Department of Education Standards for the Arts

Programs: Spanish, Latin & Hispanic Dance & Music

Goals As Related to NY States Dept. of Education’s Learning Standards for the Arts :
To establish a knowledge and appreciation of Spanish dance & Hispanic language & cultures by:
1) Viewing a performance. (Standard 4)
2) Explanation of specific techniques of dance form (castanet playing, palmas -hand clapping, heelwork, flamenco guitar & singing) (Standard 4)

3) Lecture relating various aspects of the dance to the multi-cultural development of the Hispanic language and culture, e.i. the Celtic, Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Jewish, Arabic, African Moorish, Indian Gypsy and Latin/South American influences as displayed in the techniques and style of the dance form. (Standard 4)
4) Audience/student participation in which students are made aware of the different movement qualities of Flamenco which allow it to convey the various motional states (the duende) which is its main focus. How dancers and choreographers use this in creating a dance. The idea of rhythm or marked equal passing of time in intervals as the main unifying force of this art form is explored in footwork patterns and hand clapping. Bringing together all these elements together in a simple learned choreography. (Standards 1, 2, 3).

Curriculum Partnerships:
Language arts, particularly Spanish; Art, Music & Dance Departments, Cultural, Global, History and Social Studies.